Our Planet

This focus area covers AAK’s impact on the environment in terms of consumption and emissions from our production plants. It is a top priority for us to minimize our use of natural resources and emissions per processed final product even though our stronger focus on speciality drives a higher degree of processing. We have over the years been able to create strong improvement within areas such as GHG emissions, water consumption and waste treatment. We divide this focus area into four sub-sections: Energy, Air, Water and Waste.

AAK’s production plants differ in size, capacity and the types of processes used. Processing vegetable oils is both complex and energy-intensive.

AAK is very much aware of the footprint that production plants leave on the environment. Therefore, the company constantly strives to reduce its consumption of energy and water, and to reduce waste and emissions. The aim is to become more environmentally-friendly – and improve even more day by day.

To achieve this, environmental projects are implemented, consumption and emissions are monitored, and best practices are identified by benchmarking production plants against each other and against other players in the industry. A handful of AAK’s various environmental projects are described in this section, presented by the employees who are directly involved in achieving the results.

Achievements 2016

Relentless efforts to use resources more efficiently resulted in additional achievements in 2016, such as:

• 6.1 percent decrease in energy used per processed unit
• 4.7 percent reduction of total direct CO₂ emission per processed unit
• 2.2 percent reduction of water consumption per processed unit
• 6.7 percent reduction of water discharge per processed unit

Objectives 2017+


2018: Less than 1.5 percent of waste disposed as landfill/deposit

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