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ILLEXAO™ CB adapts easily to your needs for flavour, texture and meltdown when you replace 5% of the cocoa butter in milk or dark chocolate recipes.


One of todays challenges is to produce a chocolate product with a soft and creamy filling and still have excellent storage stability. Significant increased bloom-stability is obtained by using 5-15% ILLEXAO™ BR fat in the recipe.


In warm climates the problem of softening and bloom on chocolate is well-known, however, the ILLEXAO™ HS products enable you to raise the melting point of the chocolate to withstand elevated temperatures. Read more about ILLEXAO™ HS


Cocoa-rich dark chocolate has acquired a new, healthier image in recent years due to revelations about various nutritional properties. By using ILLEXAO™ ER dark chocolate becomes smoother and creamier with excellent meltdown and flavour release.


Read our brochure Cocoa Butter Alternatives from AAK - the natural choice for your chocolate business


Learn more about ILLEXAO™ facts 


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