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Compound coatings

Easy and efficient production


For enrobed or moulded confectionery or baked products, AKOPOL™, Cocoa Butter Replacers, and CEBES™ and SILKO™, Cocoa Butter Substitutes, provide economic and easy-to-use alternatives.


AAK has responded to consumer demand for fats with minimal or no trans fats. Our AKOPOL™ LT contains down to only 3% of trans fatty acids and AKOPOL™ NH is non-hydrogenated and contains no trans fatty acids compared with about 50% for conventional CBRs.


Moulding and high quality coating

AKOPOL™ NH – non-hydrogenated compound coatings for clean labelling 

AKOPOL™ LT - trans contents as low as 3%

AKOPOL™ MC - moulding and high quality coatings

CEBES™ MC - moulding and high quality coatings

CEBES™ NH - non-hydrogenated coatings and moulding

CEBES LS for non-hydrogenated coatings with reduced saturated fatty acids 


Economy enrobing




Click here to learn more about our coating fat range with a lower content of saturated fatty acids - enter our specific website for CEBES™ LS at www.cebes-ls.com


Read about our solutions for cocoa butter alternatives - the natural choice for your chocolate business 

For more information please email info@aak.com


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