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Confectionery fillings

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When producing a confectionery filling, about 40% is fat.


The filling fat influences the properties of the end-product, related to melting, stability and overall impression.


To be able to tailor the most suitable filling fat for a specfic application, the following aspects must be considered: ingredients, processing parameters, labelling requirements and eating properties.


AAK offers a wide range of filling fats, tailored for specific applications

CHOCOFILL™ BR - for significantly improved bloom stability

CHOCOFILL GP - for cost efficient fillings

CHOCOFILL™ NH - non-hydrogenated for flexibility

CHOCOFILL™ TC - for fillings with an excellent cooling sensation

CHOCOFILL™ LS - low in saturated fatty acids for a healthier profile

DELIAIR™ NH - unique for aerated, non-hydrogenated smooth fillings


Click here to learn more about our filling fat range with a lower content of saturated fatty acids - enter our specific CHOCOFILL LS website at www.chocofill.com


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