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The bakery industry is one of AAK’s most important segment within the Food Industry.  AAK has for many years been a supplier of solutions to Bakery customers.

We supply all segments in the industry, from industrial global leaders of bread production to small artisan Baklava producers. 

With the global footprint we have within bakery, we function many times as an inspiration to our customers, picking up new trends from different parts of the world, and assisting our customers with innovation ideas.

We see ourselves not only as a fat supplier, but more as a partner in using the properties of fat solutions in the most optimal way in bakery products.

Akopastry HP 400 & 200 

Akopastry HP 400 & 200 AAK wins Best Bakery Innovation at FiE with Akopastry HP 400&200, high-performing bakery solutions for puff pastry 

Broschure Akopastry HP 400 & 200 (PDF) 

Press information - Akopastry (PDF)
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