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Infant Nutrition

Fat is of major importance for the growth and development of infants. It is not only the predominant energy source, but also a vehicle for the provision of essential fatty acids which, due to their contribution to the structure and function of cellular membranes, influence vital physiological and metabolic processes during infancy and beyond. It is important that the fat provides a balanced and sufficient amount of essential fatty acids.

The ultimate goal in the design of infant formulas is to achieve the outcome seen in breast fed infants.

Over the years many advances have been made with regard to the fat composition of infant formulas. This area still remains one of primary interest to both academic and industrial researchers.

With a broad range of standard and specialty oils AAK has the means of tailoring compositions according to customer demands.  Accurate blending facilities as well as strict control of purity are important features in the manufacture of high-quality blends for infant nutrition.

AAK present a wide range of specialty oils for infant nutrition:

  • Akonino ® Tailor made blends
  • Akonino ® Organic
  • Akonino ® DHA 24
  • InFat™ betapalmitate-closer to mothers milk. InFat™ is sold and marketed by Advanced Lipids, a joint venture of AAK and Enzymotec.

For further information please contact infant.nutrition@aak.com.




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