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Akonino DHA 24

Akonino DHA 24 – For Supplementation of Infant Formulas with DHA

Akonino DHA 24 is an excellent choice for supplementing your infant formula with DHA.

Scientific studies show that addition of DHA to the infant formulas supports optimal development of babies. 

Akonino DHA 24 is a fish oil with a typical DHA level of 24% while at the same time being naturally low in EPA. The product is produced under optimal conditions to obtain an oil of the highest quality, which shows in its neutral taste.  

Akonino DHA 24 is intended to be added into the infant formula together with the rest of the oil blend, but can of course be used to fortify any other type of food, especially for children. 

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For more information please see our leaflet, which you will find under Documentation.

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