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Vividol® - Cholesterol-Reducing Ingredient

Vividol® is one of our healthy ingredients which can be added to everyday products and thus offers consumers a way to eat more healthily without changing their diet. 

Vividol® T is a phytosterol-containing ingredient. The sterols are in ester form, which improves the product’s melt-off properties, and are included in an oil which makes the product liquid and easy to use. Naturally, we can also make tailor-made oil blends to suit your specific application. 

Vividol® T has obtained Novel Food Approval and contains 46% sterol esters. 

Scientific studies show that phytosterols reduce the uptake of cholesterol in humans and have a positive influence on the blood serum cholesterol level. In the EU at present, food containing phytosterol can use a health claim which states the product’s cholesterol-lowering benefits. 

The daily intake of phytosterols should be between 1.5 and 3 g. 

Possible applications for Vividol® T are yellow fat spreads, milk-based products, fermented milk type products, soya drinks, milk-based fruit drinks, sauces and dressings.


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For more information please see our leaflet, which you will find under Documentation.

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