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Feed fats

Production of AkoFeed feed fats

AkoFeed feed fats are vegetable fats and fatty acids mixed exclusively to meet  the tecnical demands of our customers and ultimately the nutritional needs of livestock and pet animals.

Liquid AkoFeed products are produced from selected and quality controlled raw material fats. Constant quality control is paramount in our production process. After filtering, antioxidants are added to ensure shelf life and to prevent the fatty acids from oxidating. The liquid AkoFeed products are pumpable at some 50ºC.

Calcium Fat - a solid AkoFeed product is a combination of selected vegetable fatty acids and calcium with a 85% saponified fat contents. After saponification, the product is then slowly cooled, ground and sifted.

The solid AkoFeed product Gigant consists of selected saturated vegetable fatty acids. After blending, the product is cooled, ground and sifted.

Our products can be adapted to meet your special demands and we are happy to help you to optimise your needs.

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